Theme Options makes it easy to customize the theme — even for absolute beginners. In the Theme Options you can for example switch between dark and light layouts, choose colors, and fonts.

You should take a look at the screenshot of the Theme Options, so you can quickly see what options are available.

Available options


  • Choose whether to display author bio below the post
  • Choose whether to display featured image at the beginning of the post
  • Choose whether to display tags on homepage
  • Set analytics code
  • Set custom CSS styles

Layout and Colors

  • Choose between dark blue, dark grey, and light theme
  • Set the position of sidebar
  • Upload your own logo
  • Choose a font for headings and body text
  • Set color for links
  • Set color for tags
  • Set color for comment bubbles in the Latest Posts Widget
  • Choose between grayscale, and colored social icons

Social Links

  • Set the links used in the Social Links widgets